El Swarrekh appeared in 2017 with the Egyptian duo Dokdok and Fanky

They released their first album in 2014, which was not a great success.The Egyptian duo began to reach the ears of the Egyptian street with their first single, “shoft namlah ” El Swarrekh began to gain great fame and success, which led them to drop their song.


The first, “La, La” The song “La La” gained great fame the next day after it was uploaded, reaching more than 100 million visits and views across all major platforms.


The song “Ely Byshtky menna” was later released and collected more than 13 million views on Youtube, since then El Swarrekh began to go global all over Egypt and the Middle East with the support of many fans, and they are also famous for their outstanding live performance in different places globally, and they mainly perform in concerts, events, weddings and parties.