Here begins a new stage in the manufacture of many songs that are classified under one name and its goal is to include many mixes of songs, some of which express a realistic situation, and others that do not touch reality, and the goal is to create a situation that matches the music being broadcast, and there is another type that affects the condition and origin of the artist. Expressing it through songs about his condition that he contributed to making from scratch and the aim of which is to motivate young people to strive to reach, and the last and most important type is what we always strive to find and which distinguishes us, the elswareekh team is the type that broadcasts joy in all age groups from young to old, including children and among them girls

Album 'azraq

It is a collaboration with some artists “Zuksh – 3enba – Shehta Karika” to present distinguished songs of diversity between joy, sadness, drama and fantasy
  • “Ekhwaty” is a type that broadcasts joy and happiness in cooperation with “Zuksh – Shehta Karika”, and it is the song that has gained a lot of attention and the number of views it has received more than 253 views out of the total number of views of the album.
  • “El Leila Bazeet” is a drama genre, in cooperation with “Zuksh – 3enba” to present a new type of music, words and even visual content.
  • The song “Mab7bsh Kda” is a type that also provides joy, and this song is a single for the elswareekh Dokdok &Fanky
  • The song “Ya Dmo3” which is of a special kind, discusses a sad topic and is unique to elswareekh Dokdok &Fanky as well
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El Leila Bazeet

Mab7bsh Kda

Mab7bsh Kda